Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wyoming Early Voting: McCain

Why Survey USA would bother to poll Wyoming--an extraordinarily red state if ever there was one--is beyond us, but they have. Included in SUSA's breakdown for Wyoming is some early voting data, so we will put it here. For a comprehensive report on early voting across the country, click here.

In Wyoming, 14% of the SUSA sample reported already voting. Of those, 55% voted for McCain, 41% for Obama. That's still more favorable to Obama than those "likely voters" who haven't yet voted, who went for McCain by a margin of 58%-37%.

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swingtrader said...

Maybe they polled it because it is a state in the United States of America. Just because it is a red state doesn't mean Obama will lose, as evidenced by many other states that are now toss-ups that Bush won in '04.

This election is over. American along with the media has already decided. Obama would have to really screw up to lose at this point, which is probably why he is pushing early voting so hard. The stock market is reflecting the result by selling off with the expectation of higher taxes with a slowing economy and rising government waste. That hurts all classes, not just the "rich".