Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It Gets Uglier

Sarah Palin is an unlikely looking attack dog, but she's off yapping at the heels of Sen. Barack Obama, accusing him of consorting with terrorists (wasn't Palin's husband a member of some secessionist party in Alaska?) among other things.

As reported in today's Washington Post, Palin's rallies have turned downright ugly. She's baiting the media at these rallies, which are starting to look more like KKK or Nazi gatherings than a good patriotic American political rally.

Yesterday, in Florida, spectators at a Palin rally called an African-American soundman for one of the networks a racial epithet and told him to "sit down boy."

Maybe Palin should retort, "shut-up, redneck motherf***er, we don't want your kind here" but don't expect that from her.

Palin is truly the Manchurian candidate, willing to do and say anything McCain's handlers ask her to do or say. The good news is that the McCain campaign's evident desperation means they know they're losing.

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Bluedog said...

Check out the blog "Mudflats" out of Alaska. There are some interesting videos posted to the blog; one of a meeting of the Alaska Independence Party (in which US troops stationed in Alaska during the statehood vote are referred to as "occupation troops") and one of Governor Palin wishing the members of the AIP a good convention. Why hasn't the mainstream press gotten hold of this?