Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Real" Virginians Are Racist, Religiously Bigoted Xenophobes?

The Washington Post's Marc Fisher (who we excoriated on his opposition to early voting a couple days ago) has a terrific column in today's WaPo on his search for the "real" Virginia (as defined by John McCain and his staff, who say they'll win in the Old Dominion because of their support from "real Virginia").

If he found the "real" Virginia, we don't want any part of it. We'll stick with the fake part.

Fisher attended a Sarah Palin rally in Fredericksburg and posed the question to her supporters about the "real" Virginia.

One Palinite said, "I don't see how any person who believes in Jesus Christ could vote for Obama or any Democrat." Maybe he should re-read his scriptures.

Another, from Richmond, said she couldn't figure out why everyone was saying Va. was going for Obama since all she saw in her neighborhood were McCain yard signs. "Then I went to cast my absentee ballot, and I saw all these different people voting. In the past, where I vote, there weren't any blacks. This time, it was mostly blacks and young kids, and they were there for Obama."

Yes, there are people living here in Virginia who aren't middle-aged white folks.

Another of Sarah Palin's troops said, "We're not ready for a black guy. . . I'm scared he will be killed. I don't trust him."

Wow. You presumably supported a VERY mediocre white man--"W" Bush--to run the country into the ground; and you evidently support Sarah Palin. But along comes a very impressive, obviously intelligent, clearly family-oriented and frankly, quite patriotic African-American and suddenly you just don't "trust" him, solely because he's half African-American. Give us a break!

Unfortunately, these are the people who are destroying the Republican party. Fortunately, the real Virginia will vote for Obama.


Anonymous said...

Republican or Democrat, we are all creations of an Almighty God. It is everybody's privilege to believe what they want, but the truth is we do not die like cats or dogs, all human beings are going to live forever.
And the same God who created you and me, because we are all His creations and rather precious to Him, does not approve of abortion.
This comes from somebody who for 37 years believed that there is no God, and had an abortion. We will all come to the same realization only some sooner than later. I will pray for you, Lady with too much time on your hands, that you will find the Lord sooner rather than later, because later can bring on some rather unpleasant circumstances. just in case you have any questions.

lofasz said...


This is one of the most bizarre comments I have read.

"One Palinite said, "I don't see how any person who believes in Jesus Christ could vote for Obama or any Democrat." Maybe he should re-read his scriptures."

Anonymous said...

The evangelical right has gotten much too bold. They believe they can tell the rest of us what to think, what to do, how to behave, who we should associate with, who is "one of us" and who is "not".
I'm sick of it. I hope one thing that will come out of this election is that the evangelical right will realize that they can not run the world!