Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Redneck McCain Supporters Heckle Obama Early Voters In NC

This is really disgusting, and it comes from none other than Washington's conservative newspaper, the Washington Times. It is a video of mostly white McCain supporters in North Carolina actively heckling and protesting as mostly Obama supporters VOTE at one of NC's early voting sites.

Since when do protesters show up at election sites and heckle people? This is like some awful throwback to the early days of civil rights marches, with redneck whites out protesting and yelling. (In fact, the local white sheriff, just like the old days, was standing there and said he didn't see anything wrong with it.)


For more on this, go to Christina Bellantoni's blog at the Washington Times.


Anonymous said...

Their intelligence is evident in the fact that they are chanting "Sarah Palin" in the background. That would be enough to motivate me to stand in line as long as it took to vote! So Ken, have you voted yet?

X Curmudgeon said...

I voted last week!

I'm trying to get Mrs. Curmudgeon to vote this week.