Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Obama Has Won The Debates

By most accounts, based on post-debate polling, Obama has won the first two debates by a pretty wide margin. Yet, there was nothing in either debate--no gaffe or dramatic moment--that would have suggested such an obvious winner.

So why is Obama winning?

Call it reverse racism. The debates are the first time that many Americans, especially independents and conservatives, have actually tuned in to see Obama "in person," rather than through the filter of the media.

For those who have filtered Obama through the conservative media, especially FOX News and right-wing radio, the real Obama must be quite a surprise. Why, it turns out that this black man is, indeed, poised, confident, intelligent and clearly capable of holding his own against an opponent who suddenly looks quite old.

And while we've thought Obama pretty boring in the debates, he certainly has been consistent, as opposed to McCain who says one moment he wants the government to buy up bad mortgages and then the next says you can't have government taking care of everything.

We think the debates have greatly helped Obama by exposing him directly to millions of voters who otherwise would not have bothered to check him out for themselves. He doesn't seem at all scary or inexperienced (contrast Sarah Palin--now that's inexperience, and it showed in her debate). In fact, he comes across as downright competent--something we all crave after the past eight years.

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