Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama WAY Up In Virginia

John McCain's brother was in Virginia over the weekend to help out the campaign. Which campaign is unclear: he called Arlington and Alexandria, both bastions of blue, Communist.

Smooth move.

Now for the latest polls in Virginia, which have Obama either ahead, ahead by a lot, or headed to a landslide. Take your pick--we'll be happy with anything that delivers the Old Dominion's 13 electoral votes to Obama:

In the Fox News/Rasmussen poll, it's Obama by 2, 50%-4%.

In the Survey USA poll, where McCain had the lead at the beginning of September, Obama is now up by 10 points, 53%-43%. (McCain was up by 2 on Sept. 5; then he was down by 4 three weeks ago; down by 6 two weeks ago; and now down by 10 in this same poll).

In the Suffolk poll, Obama is up by 12 points, 51%-39%.

It must be all those darn commies in Virginia!

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