Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up To One Quarter of All Georgians Have Already Voted!

Data from the Georgia Secretary of State on the status of early voting in that state shows that a staggering 825,923 Georgians have already voted.

In the 2004 presidential election, 3.3 million Georgians voted. That means that fully 25% of the number of ballots cast in Georgian in 2004 have already been cast. We predict a considerably higher total turnout in Georgia this year, but the number of early voters is still quite impressive.

The demographics of this early voting tsunami continue to favor Obama, with a very high proportion of African-American and female voters, as shown below.

Polls of Georgia give McCain a small lead, but if those polls have underweighted blacks, then McCain's lead disappears.

Here's the data, through yesterday, from Georgia on early voting:

GEORGIA EARLY VOTING (thru 10/21/08)
Early votes: 825,923
Percent white: 60.67%
Percent black: 35.57% (Blacks make up 29% of Ga. registered voters)
Percent women: 56.1%
Percent men: 41.1%
2008 early vote as % of 2004 total vote: 25.01%

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