Monday, October 27, 2008

Updated Early Voting Stats

It took us awhile today to get around to updating our comprehensive early voting compilation, but we were waiting to see if any new data came out late.

We've now done our update. Here's what's new: we updated Florida, Georgia and North Carolina early voting statistics, which show a continued torrid pace of in-person early voting in all three states. In NC and GA, as many as a third of voters have already cast their ballots with another few days of early voting left to go.

In NC and GA, blacks continue to vote well above their registration percentages. In both those states, women far outnumber men in early voting. In Florida, Democrats are gradually stretching out a lead over Republicans as early voting continues apace.

We could only find one poll today with data broken out on voters who'd already cast a ballot, and that was for Virginia. In the Old Dominion, 9% of the Survey USA poll sample had already voted, and they went for Obama by 67%-30%.

UPDATE: We found a Survey USA poll of Oregon voters. In the SUSA sample, 50% of Oregon voters had already voted (in OR everyone votes by mail). Obama had a huge lead among those who had already voted, 62%-34%. That's virtually impossible for McCain to overcome. Maybe the networks should go ahead and call Oregon for Obama.

Interestingly, in the hotly contested Oregon Senate race, Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley also has a large--but not as large as Obama's--lead amongst those who've already voted in his effort to unseat GOP incumbent Gordon Smith: 51%-41%.

We expect to see a lot more tomorrow, so we'll update a couple times.

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