Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updated Early Voting Information

Not too much new info today on early voting. For our most comprehensive collection of early voting data and exit polls, click here.

We've come across no new state polls that include separate data on voters who have already cast their ballots. We did add an exit poll from El Paso, Texas of voters only in that city who had voted at an early voting site.

We've updated NC and Florida demographic information. In Florida, early voting is continuing at a torrid pace. With each day's update of information, Democrats are stretching their margin over Republicans in the early voting. This reflects that absentee voting, which started earlier, was dominated by Republicans, but that in-person early voting, which is going on now, has been tilted toward Democrats.

Just to give you one indication about North Carolina and African-American enthusiasm in that state: so far, nearly 25% of all black voters registered in NC have already voted. That's incredibly high. (For whites, about 18% of registered have early voted.)

Our correspondent from South Carolina reports that when he voted today in Charleston, 26,000 voters had already been to the polls there. That's well above the record 16,000 in Charleston in the last election. SC does not have "no-excuse" early voting like NC and Georgia, but it does have some broad absentee voter exceptions, including one for older voters.

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