Friday, October 17, 2008

Disgusting, Outrageous McCain-Palin Robo-Calls

Did you hear John McCain tell the country during the last debate that his campaign is "about the economy?"

That he's not about negative campaigning? That when someone gets out of line in his campaign, he reigns them in?

What a bunch of crap!! What a liar.

The McCain-Palin campaign is now running robo-calls in Virginia. Do they focus on McCain's "plan" for the economy? No. His health plan? No.

Instead, the call says that Obama "has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" whose organization "killed Americans."

So, we repeat: John McCain has worked closely with convicted drug felon Rush Limbaugh. He also worked closely with his fellow Arizonan, Charles Keating, who defrauded thousands of people of millions of dollars in the last banking crisis. No doubt he has been associated in some manner with many other folks with problems in their past.

Evidently the McCain campaign is now completely desperate in Virginia. We predict these calls will totally backfire. They should.
(By the way, have you seen Obama's new positive ads? They're terrific!)

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Bluedog said...

Let's not forget about the preacher who has made disparaging remarks about Catholics and has also come out in support of McCain. And, keep pounding away at McCain and Palin's ties to the Alaskan Independent Party.