Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feder Campaign Out of Line

A quick comment on an incident in one of our local congressional races.

Judy Feder, a Democrat, is running against incumbent GOP Representative Frank Wolf. We gave Feder some money and have generally been supportive.

Earlier this week, however, a Feder "tracker"--a staffer who follows the opposition with a video camera hoping to catch a gaffe (like George Allen's infamous "macaca" comment)--got into a scuffle with an elderly Wolf aide, who whacked 'em with a cane.

The Feder campaign is trying to make this into something good for Feder.

Sorry, it's not. Feder's tracker was WAY out of line. The tracker was following Wolf, and his wife, and yelling questions. That is not a tracker's job. A tracker records what's happening, but should not insert himself/herself into things (now, if the opposition candidate decides to single out the tracker, as George Allen did, then that's different).

Feder's tracker was, frankly, being obnoxious.

Frank Wolf is actually a quite moderate congressman who has served a district that is also moderate. There has to be some level of civil discourse in these campaigns.

Feder should fire her tracker and apologize to Wolf for the behavior.

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