Thursday, October 16, 2008

Iowa Early Voting: Another Obama Route

We've got one more state in which we can report some early voting results, courtesy of Survey USA: Iowa.

There, as in the other states where we've got similar data, Obama has a wide lead in early voting, 65%-31%. This is a state that W Bush carried--albeit barely--in 2004.


swingtrader said...

So results are reported for early voting already? Wow - I hope people don't stay away from the polls on Nov 4 because their candidate is too far ahead or behind. Are both candidates strongly encouraging that? If not, why would one be so strongly encouraging it and not the other? Hmmmmm

X Curmudgeon said...

Hey Swingtrader--these aren't actual results; they're more like an exit poll, limited to those who have already voted. It is a VERY small sample. Early voting in states like Iowa is open to everyone. It appears that Democrats are taking greater advantage of it in those states that offer it.

No state will report any actual results from early voting, or election day voting, until that state's polls close on election day.

Some states, however, do report some demographic data on the early voters, such as race and sex.