Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NC Early Voting Stats--Heavy Turnout

As with Georgia, about which we posted below, North Carolina is experiencing heavy turnout at early voting polls, with 629,266 NC voters having cast their ballots so far. That's 18% of the NC's 2004 presidential vote.

The demographics of the early voters continue to favor Obama (as well as Democratic senatorial candidate Kay Hagan and gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue).

African-Americans, who make up about 20% of NC registered voters, account for 29% of early voters in the state.

Here's the latest data, as of the end of day yesterday (Tuesday, October 21) from the NC Board of Elections:

Early votes: 629,266
Percent white: 67.13%
Percent black: 29.04% (Note: blacks are 20% of NC registered voters)
Percent Democrat: 56.41%
Percent Republican: 27.08%
Percent Women: 56.2%
Percent Men: 43.0%

2008 early vote as % of 2004 total vote: 17.97%

For a comprehensive look at early voting data around the country, click here.

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