Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain Up By Two In The Commonwealth

McCain seems to be enjoying a surge in the polls post-convention. Two polls came out today with figures for Virginia, both with McCain leading by two points. Clearly, the Commonwealth remains in play.

1. In the Rasmussen poll, McCain leads 49%-47%.

2. In the Survey USA poll, it's also McCain by 49%-47%. Survey USA noted that Sarah Palin's selection as McCain's running mate had essentially no impact on women voters compared to the last poll, taken before her selection.

Neither candidate has held a statistically significant lead over the other in any Virginia poll we've seen for at least the past three months. Turn-out will be key--we were happy that a couple of Obama canvassers stopped by the other afternoon. They had a sophisticated print-out of voters and were getting information on who their likely supporters will be and how committed they are to getting to the polls--a good ground game!

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