Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna: Drought Buster; Ike: Deja-vu all over again for New Orleans

Tropical storm Hanna is rolling through the D.C. metro area as we type, dumping tons of rain on an area that's been pretty dry of late. (We had the pleasure of watching our son play a soccer game in the warm tropical rain this morning. He pronounced it a "blast.")

Hanna will put an end to various degrees of drought throughout the eastern half of North Carolina and Virginia. Raleigh, which has been dry for well over a year, has already reported five inches of rain. We may end up with that much here, too.

Behind Hanna is Ike, taking its time crossing the Atlantic. Ike is a strong one--could be a classic Cape Verde storm by the time it's all over. The bad news: Ike's current track (above) takes it right into the Gulf of Mexico and then up to . . . New Orleans. Will people pack up and leave again? We predict a lot more will stay this time. Let's hope Ike decides to go somewhere else.

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