Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Sarah Gonna Do?

What with McCain's campaign all suspended and everything, we're wondering what Sarah Palin is going to do. Whatever it is, it needs to be something where the media can't ask her questions.

She could go moose hunting--who's going to risk asking a question if she's got a big ol' gun in her hands (clearly, vice presidents aren't averse to shooting people, even their friends).

Or, she could go hang out at home with Trig, and Track and Bristol and the gang, and maybe bake up a batch of cookies or fry some moose-burgers.

Or--here's a good one--she could take the ferry from Ketchikan, Alaska to Gravina Island. That's the place where they were going to put the Bridge to Nowhere that she favored until she opposed it. Without that ol' bridge, Gravina Island is pretty isolated. Reporters won't find her there.

Another possibility would be to "hang out" at the White House and Treasury Dept. Maybe she'll pick up some good leadership tips while "helping" resolve the financial crisis. (We hope no one asks her to make some coffee.) Heck, no one in the press is going to notice her amongst all the dark suits in D.C.

Finally, she could go down to Galveston and hang out. The devastated city--now ignored--is still without electricity, water or just about anything else. She could probably hang out there indefinitely without the press realizing where she is.

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