Friday, September 05, 2008

The Grand Old White Party--Uppity Negroes Need Not Apply

If you watched any of the Republican convention--and lord knows, we tried to miss most of it--you might have noticed that the GOP has practically given up on the laughable "big tent" charade it ran in past years.

This year, there's hardly a black--or brown, red or yellow--face in the crowd. They might as well re-name it the "Grand Old White Party" or maybe better yet, given the age of the nominee, the "Grand Old White People."

In case the images alone weren't enough, consider also the comments of Republican Representative Lynn Westmoreland, of Georgia, who told a Congressional Quarterly interviewer that Barack Obama (and his wife) are "uppity."

We guess that those few African-Americans who did attend the GOWP convention must be the good, subservient type of Negroes favored by Mr. Westmoreland and his ilk.

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