Monday, September 15, 2008

John McCain's Stem Cell LIES

Okay, a few mintues ago we were at the barbershop getting a much-needed trim. The radio was on in the background.

Virginia being a battleground state, we're getting a lot of political ads from the presidential campaigns.

So on comes an ad for McCain about healthcare. About three-quarters of the ad was devoted to how "John McCain and his congressional allies" will boost funding for stem cell research to help all kinds of Americans with all kinds of problems.

At the end, the ad mentioned the "McCain-Palin" ticket.

We wanted to scream, but thought better of it in the barbershop.

So now we're screaming: aaaaaauuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

First, Palin has been staunchly opposed to stem cell research. Whether she understands the issue is doubtful, but unless she's now an infamous "flip-flopper" then she's still opposed. The media should certainly hit her with this.

Second, what about McCain's "congressional allies?" Aren't these Republicans (and pseudo-R's like Lieberman)? Last I heard, these were W. Bush's congressional allies and they were PREVENTING stem cell research! The media should sure get on McCain's case about who these supposed "allies" are--maybe he could list them.

Third, if McCain is so all-fired up about stem cell research, why hasn't he attacked the current administration from HIS PARTY on the issue?

Freakin' Republican double-speak BS is why.

Remember all that crap about "compassionate conservatism" eight years ago? Turned out to be passionate conservatism. Folks, DON'T FALL FOR IT THIS TIME!

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