Monday, September 01, 2008

NBC's Hurricane Coverage Is As Bad As Its Convention Coverage

A pox on NBC.

We were typing our last post and happened to have NBC's hurricane coverage on the telly. It's sickening. While they pretend to be concerned about Gustav, what you see is this:

--a bunch of correspondents standing in various locations with the wind blowing and the rain coming down in sheets while they totally YUCK IT UP for the TV cameras;

--Al Roker is laughing as his hat blows off

--Another correspondent is interviewing three very stupid New Yorkers who have relocated to New Orleans, who OF COURSE did not evacuate. Why show these clowns on TV--totally the wrong message (show them if they're dead, otherwise, don't give them air time);

--then back to Roker, having gotten his hat back, now chatting with another correspondent, from the Early Show, also standing out in the street;

--and then, WORST OF ALL, they've got former chubby-cheeked FEMA director Michael Brown on the screen, who's making excuses for his failures and plugging his own blog!!!


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