Monday, September 29, 2008

Markets Lose $1.2 TRILLION After House GOP Squashes $700 Million Bailout

Imagine how Republicans would have reacted if Democrats passed a one-time IMMEDIATE tax increase of $1.2 trillion on all owners of stock, i.e., the richest Americans.

They'd howl and yowl.

Yet today, House Republicans in Congress effectively did the same thing, all by themselves, voting against the compromise bailout plan and causing stock markets to shed $1.2 TRILLION in value.

Thanks a bunch, GOP.


James Young said...

Uh, Democrats have a majority in the House, in case you didn't notice. I know your degree is in law, not mathematics, but that means that the GOP didn't have the votes to stop it, and didn't have the votes to pass it.


X Curmudgeon said...

No, you stop lying. The final vote was 205 for and 228 against. 133 Republicans voted against it, 95 Democrats voted against it. 140 Dems were in favor and 95 were opposed.

It was supposed to be a bipartisan measure; it was initially proposed by a GOP President and his Treasury Secretary. Republicans don't bear ALL the blame, but the fact of the matter is that they overwhelmingly voted against a measure supported by their President.

All you folks really care about is preventing gay marriage and making sure everyone has a gun so that when the economy completely collapses we can have some real chaos.

Anonymous said...

The GOP only cares about power and the abuses that come with it. Obviously Jamesy cares mostly about saving face and not a thing about the middle class (cuss words among the righties).

The only thing that is wrong with the original post was that it was a $700 BILLION bailout and not a $700 MILLION bailout.

The GOP is in real trouble. They will now come up with the following slants the next 5 weeks:

(1) Obama will force our children to learn about homosexual lifestyles.

(2) Obama will take away our semi-automatics that we planning to use to shoot some foreigners that may eventually invade us.

(3) Obama will surrender in Iraq.

You see, people like the Youngster believe that the average American is stupid.

Obama wins baby, and the conservatives are quaking in their boots!

Anonymous said...

My understanding was that the minority leader promised 140 GOP votes and didn't deliver but the Democrats delivered the promised number of votes. So, once again the GOP lets us down (and then tries to use Pelosi's unfortunate speech to explain away their actions).

Anonymous said...

It's time to have the rubber meet the road. The GOP tried, and failed, to make this a political issue.

No wonder no one trusts the GOP anymore.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Mr. Young only allows approved comments to be posted to his blog? He'd fit right in with the current administration.

Anonymous said...

Two types of advice we shouldn't take from Mr. Young:

(a) Weight control
(b) how to vote