Sunday, September 21, 2008

GOP: Separate But "Equal"

Yesterday, the Virginia Republican Party held a "unity" rally at Edison High School in Alexandria.

The point of the sparsely attended rally was to show off GOP support by minorities. So who did the Republicans trot out in their outreach to minorities? Why, none other than George "Macacca" Allen, the former Senator who lost the race by calling an Indian-American supporter of Jim Webb "Macacca" at a rally that was subsequently widely viewed on video.

Evidently, Virginia Republicans are still in the "separate but equal" era before the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954. Democrats don't have separate rallies for minorities--they all show up at the same rallies. But, for Virginia's GOP, it evidently is more comfortable to get all 100 of their minority supporters together in a separate rally, than to have them show up at the almost all-white events that typify the party.

As the Old Dominion--especially Northern Virginia--grows more ethnically diverse, it is no wonder the GOP finds itself rapidly losing ground among ethnic voters (particarly Asians) who wouldn't necessarily gravitate automatically to the Democratic Party. Maybe the GOP should try being "unified" at all it's events.

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Anonymous said...

The GOP can't have minority supporters show up at their ordinary fundraisers. The white GOPers would confuse them with the wait staff.

Wouldn't that be embarassing...