Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Poor Steve Schmidt!

Poor Steve Schmidt. He's one of John McCain's top campaign strategists and now he's all UPSET at the news media and various bloggers.

It seems they're all on a "mission to destroy" Alaska Governor Sarah Palin with lies and innuendo. (See "McCain Strategist Blasts Media; Top Aide Says News Organizations Are 'on a misssion to destroy' Palin.")

Well Steve, welcome to Barack Obama's world.

Surely, Steve, you know about all the internet rumors that Obama is really a Muslim. That he's a "sleeper" agent put into this country to establish a Muslim world. That he's not really a U.S. citizen. And so on.

Yet, not once have we heard you, Steve Schmidt, or your candidate, John McCain, decry those rumors, or attack Fox News which regularly discusses them in the guise of "new".

Furthermore, much of what's hurting Sarah Palin is the information that happens to be true.

Yes Steve, it's a hard world. Get over it.

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