Thursday, September 25, 2008

Perfect Time For A Debate

The economy is in peril. The President--who's fiscal mismanagement has contributed mightily to where we are--has a plan. Congress is arguing over it. Some say it doesn't go far enough; some say it bails out irresponsible people who should be left to suffer the consequences; yet others say it's too much of a blank check.

It's the perfect time for a debate. And who better to debate than the two candidates to replace the President? After all, the winner will have to oversee and execute whatever plan comes out of all this.

John McCain, however, slipping rapidly in the polls and being manipulated by political advisers strategerizing the election, says things are too dire for a debate.

Nonsense. The American public is as primed as it's ever been for this particular debate. Let's see what the two candidates have.

Can you imagine if we'd had a real, live debate before we went to war in Iraq? Wow, that would've been something.

It's not like McCain, as one Senator, is somehow going to solve the crisis by himself by staying in Washington.

Let the debate go on!!

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