Monday, September 08, 2008

Where's Sarah?

Sarah Palin has been in hiding from the media for the past few days.

The McCain campaign says she will surface, however, later this week for an interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson.

Now, we're mindful that this campaign really isn't about Sarah Palin. It's about McCain versus Obama. But if McCain were to become President, he'd be the oldest ever as of the time of his election. If he kicks the bucket, Palin becomes President, so there are some legitimate issues here about her readiness.

Right now, various campaign spokespeople for Palin--all men, mind you--are defending her and saying things like this (from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis): "Until . . . we feel like the news media is going to reat her with some level of respect and deference, I think it would be foolhardy to put her out into that kind of environment."

Can you imagine the howls from the right if Hillary or Obama had taken a similar position? Where's the deference and respect on Faux News?

If Palin becomes President, will she have some man run interference for her in terms of meeting with foreign leaders? Will she refuse to meet with them until they give her respect and deference?

The fact of the matter is, we think Palin's perfectly capable of meeting with the media--she's just being held back by chauvinistic McCain advisors.

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