Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wrong About Wright

Last time we looked, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was not running for President, or anything else. Yet, to look at today's punditocracy, you'd think he was.

Yes, Barack Obama went to Wright's church, and was married by Wright. But he isn't Wright. Maybe someone should look at every writing and sermon of McCain and Clinton's pastors--if they've never said anything controversial, then what good are they?

The Republican party is full of pastors who've said all kinds of stupid things, but for some reason that doesn't count against McCain; it didn't count against Bush; and it won't count against anyone else.

Yet for Barack Obama, the black man, it's suddenly as if his pastor is him. Why is that? Is it "all blacks are alike"? Sure looks like it.

Here's just a sampling of today's commentary on Wright's reappearance in the public eye:

A Pastor At Center Stage (George "Whiter Than White" Will)

The Wrong Stuff (Weakly Standard)

We're tired already. We've all seen and heard Barack Obama for many, many months now and it's plain as day that the doesn't embody the attitudes, opinions or beliefs of the Rev. Wright.

For one thing, Wright is an out and out racist, making broad generalizations about both black and white people (e.g., saying black children are right-brained (creative) while white children are left-brained (analytical and logical).

Yet that's not the message the media are passing along. Instead--egged on by the Clinton campaign--they're equating Wright with Obama, or saying Wright is Obama's problem because he was his pastor.

The planet is warming at grave peril to it's inhabitants; world food prices are skyrocketing due in part to some awful policy choices in the U.S.; more U.S. soldiers died in Iraq this month than at any time since last September; inflation has reared it's ugly head at a time of recession; the credit crisis grows worse each day; George W. Bush is as incompetent as ever.

Can't we talk about something relevant?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe we can talk about McCain's pastor, Haggee (ok, I know he isn't really his, but he did endorse McCain and McCain "whole-heartedly" accepts this endorsement.

This is a guy who calls Catholics devil-worshipers. Why won't that get any air time? Let's see how well McCain does among working class catholics in PA and OH after people realize who he likes...