Thursday, June 04, 2009

Va. Gov. Race: Pick A Poll, Any Poll

Survey USA has a new poll out in the Va. Democratic primary for governor, showing Terry McAuliffe ahead (35% to Deeds 29% and Moran at 26%).

Among voters who have definitely made up their minds, however, Deeds leads; and McAuliffe's support is concentrated among younger voters who tend not to vote in primaries.

In any event, whoever you support, just pick your poll. Public Policy Polling, earlier this week, had Deeds out front. Moran released his own poll with him leading. And now SUSA with McAuliffe in the lead.

What this tells us, along with how close all the polls are, the large number of undecided voters and the unpredictable turnout, is that this is still anyone's game.

For what it's worth, Deeds comes the closest to beating GOP nominee Bob McDonnell (trailing 44%-43%) in SUSA's head-to-head matchups, with both McAuliffe and Moran trailing by about 8-9 points.

We still think this is basically a race between Deeds and McAuliffe, with Moran probably helping Deeds quite a bit by going after McAuliffe.

The Curmudgeon has endorsed McAuliffe, but we'll enthusiastically support whoever wins.

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