Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lindsey Graham Outed?

South Carolinians adore hypocrites, as long as they SAY the right things. When "massive resistance" to desegregation was the rule amongst most SC whites in the 50's and 60's, Strom Thurmond became their champion. He never revealed that he had his own black daughter, who he took care of financially behind the scenes. Rumors persisted, but most whites either didn't care or didn't believe it.

Thurmond's successor in the Senate is GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, another cultural conservative. We've reported in the past on rumors that Graham is gay, so we thought we'd pass along the latest. Linda Ketner, an openly lesbian candidate for Congress in the last election (who lost narrowly), recently gave an interview in which she said she didn't think her sexual orientation was that big a deal in the election, and then she mentioned some other state politicians who she says are gay, but have remained in the closet. One was Graham.

We wonder how conservative Graham really is. In the Senate, he has emerged as one of the more thoughtful Republicans--certainly a lot smarter than his colleague from SC, Jim DeMint. He could even be described as a "moderate"--but only by comparison to some of his more right wing colleagues.

We wonder. What would happen if Graham came out of the closet and leveled with voters? Our guess is he'd still be re-elected.

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Anonymous said...


He's one of the big warmongers in Congress taking payoffs from the corporations that are profiting from the war.

He is in this for himself and no one else. He is a sociopath so I doubt he's even really a homosexual but he's not a heterosexual either. He just does whatever feels good.