Thursday, June 04, 2009

No More Drought In Southeast

The weather geek in us has had us post on occasion over the past couple years on the extent of drought across the Southeast. A year and a half ago, more than 90% of the southeast (as defined by the U.S. Drought Monitor--Alabama to Virginia) was classified as at least "abnormally dry" as shown on the map at left.

As of this week, however, more than 95% of the same region is well hydrated (if not flooding)--see the map and chart below. Only a small sliver of the southwest Florida coast is classified as being in a "moderate drought" situation--less than 1% of the entire region, while a couple of small pockets are still "dry"--but probably not for long after this week.

Frankly, we've had enough rain for awhile. Can we just have some "average" weather?

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