Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Landstrike Available On Kindle

Alright--those of you with your fancy new Kindle readers from Amazon can now download "Landstrike" and read it to your e-delight! Click HERE.

We've gotten a lot of feedback on Landstrike and the consensus is that it's a perfect vacation/beach read--a real page-turner that's like "Tom Clancy meets the Weather Channel."

If you don't have the Kindle, it's available in good old-fashioned book form--hard and soft cover--at Amazon, BN.com and other online sellers (and a few bookstores).

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Karen in TN said...

It may be a perfect beach read, but you won't sell a ton at that price. not only are you asking more than your paperback (where the high pricing is often required, but perhaps not justified, by the small print runs and trade size), but you are extremely high for a one-book author.

You might want to check out the Book Bazaar at kindleboards.com or some of the active self-published kindle author blogs. You may not want to drop your price down to the level some of them have, but I think you'll find their experiences with sales price vs. volume (and often higher income at the lower prices) enlightening.

Best of luck,

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