Monday, June 15, 2009

Deeds Leads McDonnell in First Post-Primary Poll

We're a few days late on this--spending a lot of time promoting, selling and signing books--but the first post-primary poll in Virginia has Deeds in the lead.

Rasmussen released this first poll last week just after Deeds won the primary. Voters favored Deeds over McDonnell by 47%-41%. We'd like to see a couple more polls before we leap to any conclusions. However, if other polls confirm a similar lead for the Creighmeister, it will validate our comments a few weeks ago on polls showing McDonnell leading all the Democratic candidates--we said you can't really tell anything until there is one nominee.

We hope voters do, in fact, favor Deeds. Although he wasn't our pick in the primary, we fully endorse him. Creigh Deeds is an honorable candidate and will make a terrific governor of the Commonwealth.

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