Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sanford Implodes

Wow, the GOP presidential field for 2012 is weeding itself out rapidly. First, Sen. John Ensign admits to an affair with a staffer, after the staffer's husband tries to blackmail him. Goodbye Ensign.

Then South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford goes AWOL, has his staff first say they don't know where he is, then lie about where he is, while his wife says she neither knows nor cares where he is. Then it turns out he's been in Argentina having an affair. The rest of the details are just bizarre!

[And here we thought Gov. Sanford was just off reading Landstrike in a quiet place.]

So goodbye Sanford.
Also, goodbye party of so-called "family values." The GOP has always been hugely hypocritical on the issue, but the veil is peeling away as if in a hurricane. Meanwhile, the Democratic President has a wife--his first and only one--and two seemingly adorable, well-adjusted kids. Maybe the GOP should just become the party of the sleazy--that fits a lot of voters!
At this rate, George "Macacca" Allen may decide he has nothing to lose getting into the 2012 picture.

Good thing the Republicans still have Sarah P.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

How rare, a Republican who actually has sex, and with women! Such a contrast to all of those closet queens down at the RPVA and RNC.

While the Press and blogs are up to their eyeballs in the salacious details, watch for the Obama team to try and slip some legislation past a disorganized and confused GOP opposition.

James Young said...

"Hypocritical"!?!!? Wow, Republicans are human and some fall short. I can think of a few who did: Larry Craig; Mark Sanford; Dan Crane. Whatever happened to them? Their careers were over.

Then I think of Democrats who engaged in similar behavior: Bill Clinton; Barney Fag; Gerry Studds. And what happened to them? Democrats supported them, and in two cases, are now attempting to mainstream their pathology.

James Young said...

And by the way, "hypocrisy" is making an issue of it when you don't do anything about it. Which sounds about like ... the Democrat response to such behavior by Democrats. I notice no Republicans are making apologies for Sanford.

AMCIT said...

If his wife doesn't care, why on earth do you?

I'm not excusing his behavior, because it doesn't need an excuse. This is not the business of the Republicans, the Democrats, or anyone but Sanford's family and his constituents.

Get your nose out of other people's business.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bill Clinton popularized the tearful apology with the dutiful wife in the background. Maybe Sanford should just switch parties. Would that make you happy?

X Curmudgeon said...

A couple quick comments on the comments:

Why is it not the business of anyone but Sanford and his wife? The guy had a televised press conference about it and went on and on about the affair. He's governor, disappeared without telling anyone where he was, and his staff either lied about it or was misled by him. If he was a private citizen, I'd agree. But I think it's ok to comment on something splashed across my television screen.

Hypocrisy? Gee, as I recall, the Republicans impeached Clinton over his indiscretion. The real hypocrisy, however, is over saying you're the family values party when half the party is divorced, or having affairs, and another 10% are closet gays. Yes, the Dems tolerate it more because people are people and do things like this. I could care less about a guy like Vitter except for the fact that he pretended to be all high and mighty and offended by Clinton. If the GOP would stop being holier than thou, then it wouldn't be hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

"Hiking the Appalachian Trail" is the new euphemism for cheating on one's spouse. It is decreed. It is so.

Favorite Uncle D said...

Keep your eye on this one. If Sanford resigns, the new governor would be current Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer.

Bauer is just as crazy as Sanford, just in different ways.

So much so, just the thought of him moving up might cause both parties to encourage Sanford to stick it out.

Note re Hypocrisy comments - Democrats generally are not trying to legislate what goes on in private bedrooms. Republicans are, including Sanford who voted to impeach Clinton and made some mighty moralizing statements back then. Gotta agree with the Curmudg-ster on this one.