Thursday, May 14, 2009

Verizon Yahoo Sucks

Just blowing off steam here--in the past hour, Verizon Yahoo has asked me to re-log in 5 times. You're supposed to be able to log-in for two weeks, but at least twice a day for the past week I've had to log-in again.

The reason for this appears to be so that Yahoo can lobby everyone with an ad to switch to Yahoo Search. I wish they had a button that said: NO THANKS--I'M HAPPY WITH GOOGLE, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE.

It's bad enough that I have to share my email screen with all kinds of ads, the most recent of which are disgusting ads showing yellow (or worse) teeth. Who needs that?

Could be time to switch to Gmail. (Hear that Verizon Yahoo?)


Aaron said...

I hear ya :) I have to deal with that all the time. The biggest problem I have with Verizon Yahoo is that I can always count on it to freeze on start up after I start my computer (usually get around this by opening task manager and killing explorer.exe, then restarting it). Some other annoyances are tabs that keep switching into focus when I'm trying to read something, and random laggyness. I just use Internet Explorer or Firefox mainly.

Aaron said...

Oh, forgot to add, I get javascript errors with the Verizon Yahoo browser too. Sometimes buttons won't work either, and I'll have to open IE or Firefox to use the page.

JD said...

Wow, oh what fun it is to be caught between two unprepared incompetents (Yahoo and Verizon) and "slammed" into it! We are paying $260/month for two land lines and 2 cell phones - but not for long now. We've had enough of: - having no choice in having to switch, now having poor service ( in almost every way) too many dollars and constant "competes" to switch back and sign back on etc etc - where does it end - oh yes by canceling both of them of everything.