Sunday, May 24, 2009

PPP: Deeds Gains On Moran, McAuliffe Still Leads

Public Policy Polling, based in NC, released a new poll on the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary last Friday.

The PPP polls are useful because they have been asking the same questions periodically since January, giving us some ideas for trends in the race.

In the most recent poll, McAuliffe leads Moran and Deeds by nine percentage points, 29% to 20% for each of the latter.

In a poll two weeks earlier, Deeds trailed badly; but he has since been airing some television commercials, which may have helped him close the gap with Moran.

The race is still wide open, with 31% undecided and more than 40% of those expressing a preference saying they could change their minds. Turnout will also be an important factor.

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