Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Episode of "24" We'd Like To See

At some point soon, we'll weigh in on the "enhanced interrogation" debate, although in the larger scheme of things we'd rather see everyone discussing the economy.

Meanwhile, we leave you with this thought on an episode of "24" we'd like to see:

Jack Bauer has a suspect in custody. A terror incident is imminent and the suspect is the only lead the feds have. Time is running out. Jack has to get the information, or thousands will die.

So he waterboards the suspect. And then he waterboards him again. And again. And again. And after he's waterboarded him 183 times, the suspect finally confesses. Meantime, six months have passed and the feds have found another way to crack the case.

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James Young said...

Sadly, until and unless President Barry releases the memos sought by Cheney (which Bush should have done preemptively) we probably won't know whether this happened.

And of course, 24 is fantasy.