Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank Goodness for Jack Bauer

Last night, Jack Bauer saved thousands of DC Metro riders from an awful bio-neuro death. We're so happy.

We don't understand why the writers at "24" had to call the terror destination within Metro "Washington Center" instead of Metro Center. I mean, they did use the Red Line, which is real, and even had their terror suspect enter at a real Metro stop, although he was clearly riding a train from some other city.

Speaking of which, wasn't it weird that Jack Bauer's daughter (Kim) was sitting in a waiting room at LAX waiting for a flight from Washington to LAX?

We're kind of bummed that the main mass terror threat is now over. What will they do in the final two-hour episode? (Oh yes, we forgot: RETRIBUTION.)

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Anonymous said...

24: The Waterboarding Special Finale.