Thursday, May 14, 2009

Geoge Will--Hypocritical To The Grave

At age 68, George Will has been writing columns in the Washington Post for nearly 30 years now.

So who did he write this about? The ____ administration is "careless regarding constitutional values and is acquiring a tincture of lawlessness."

Surely, you say, it had to be about the W Bush administration, sanctioning torture, holding prisoners without trial, withholding documents from Congress, altering reports on global climate change, holding secret meetings with oil industry lobbyists and acting with "expediency" regardless of what the law required.

No, Will spent a lot of time defending W's administration, although he was critical of Iraq policy. Instead, he wrote it today about the Obama administration. Conservatives are as apoplectic about Obama as they were about Franklin Roosevelt throughout the 1930's.

(Will's complaint concerns the treatment of secured hedge fund creditors in the Chrysler bankruptcy. Those creditors are in court, where the rule of law is being observed.)

Will, of course, is as hypocritcal as any of the other conservative commentators--most of whom would've done the Republican party a huge service had they been constructively critical of W Bush, instead of trying to defend his record.

Thirty years ago, Will was sometimes objective and often interesting. Today, he's a cranky old hypocritical man. We'd like to see the Washington Post dump Will and find a new, more interesting conservative counterpoint, one who might even give life to the movement--which desperately needs it.


Star Womanspirit said...

It seems hypocrisy rules the right wingers right now.

Its amazing that they think anyone is dumb enough to swallow their double standards.

Nice to see that some will do the work to out the hypocrites out.

Grozet said...

My question to you. Is George Will correct about the corruption inducing TARP?

Answer that one and you might have more credibility.

John Doe said...

Guess you are just as big of a hypocrite if you screamed about GW Bush's so-called constitutional transgressions but you ignore those of the Obama Administration. By your puny "logic" because The GWB Administration may have violated the Constitution, then anything that The Obama Administration (which is the current administration, and which is newsworthy now) does is not worth commenting on?

Don't quit your day job. Blogging doesn't seem like it is going to pan out for you...