Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Can Jack Bauer Save Metro?

With just three hours--two shows--to go in this season's "24" Washingtonians are biting their fingernails over whether uber-agent Jack Bauer, seemingly dying (yeah, sure, he's gonna die) of a neurological bioweapon, will be able to save Metro from an attack by some shadowy group of right wing super-patriots.

Metro? Does it have to be Metro? C'mon guys, we all ride Metro. Can't you just have them attack some made up suburb, like Edgeboro?

By the way, for a smart guy--always a step ahead of everyone else--why doesn't Jack realize that he's had a bunch of these days before and they always seem to come to a head in the 24th hour?

Jack: "Madame President, this will all be over in three hours."

President Taylor: "How do you know?"

Jack: "It's just a feeling. But I've been through this seven times now over the past few years. Each time, it seems like the problem's been solved, only to have it get worse. But then, exactly 24 hours after the day started, just when you think all is lost, I somehow manage to stop the terrorists, who usually seem to be the kind of patriotic, right wing, torture-loving Americans who would embrace a television show where torture always works."

Let's hope Metro is spared.

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