Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moran Goes After McAuliffe On Hillary Support

Frankly, we expected it sooner given the Moran campaign's desperation. Brian Moran is running ads--on African-American radio--going after Terry McAuliffe for his support of Hillary over Obama in the Dem presidential primaries.

We don't think it will work--it certainly shouldn't. Yes, McAuliffe supported Hillary. No big surprise there, as he's been with the Clintons for years and owed his DNC chairmanship to Bill. We're sure Obama didn't begrudge McAuliffe's work for Hillary in the primaries.

But, as McAuliffe points out in a well done counter ad, as soon as the primaries were over and Obama secured the nomination, the T-meister enthusiastically supported Obama and raised money for him.

Sorry Brian, but its slipping away . . . slipping away.

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