Sunday, October 21, 2007

Make Way For Huckabee

The big story these days in the Presidential nomination contests is Mike Huckabee.

With the other right wing "values" candidates dropping by the wayside, the Republican social issue voters are beginning to coalesce rapidly around the former big man from Arkansas.

In just the past two weeks, Huckabee's poll numbers have surged in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, with Mr. Mike incredibly rising into second place in a couple of Iowa polls. With his wide margin of victory in the "Value Voters Summit" straw poll this weekend, Huckabee should continue his momentum. [Value Voters, of course, are not those looking for good value in a candidate, but rather those who believe THEIR values should be YOUR values.]

Now, what if Huckabee can win in Iowa, or at least give Mitt Romney a run for his money (and we mean that about the money quite literally). That would be a story, alright, and not the one Romney's banking on.

We think Huckabee's poll surge will continue as the GOP right wing finally gets its act together and the affable Arkansan peels off some of the lukewarm support that had been attached to Romney, Thompson and even Giuliani. The Huckster could garner 20 percent in Iowa and a respectable 15 percent or so nationally--enough to add to the already delicious turmoil in the Republican ranks.

Keep an eye on Governor Huckabee. He's got the big Mo'.

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