Monday, October 08, 2007

Enough Already With WaPo's Jenna Coverage

Like father, like daughter.

"W" got a lot of perks out of being his dad's son--that Texas Air National Guard gig; his first job with an oil company he drove into the ground; the cushy stint with the Texas Rangers (baseball team).

Likewise, Jenna Bush is making the best of her family connections, getting a book published that she would, let's say charitably, have an awfully difficult time with if her name were Jenna Brown.

But that's life, as they say, and it happens on both sides of the political spectrum. (Kristin Gore to name just one.)

Still, does the Washington Post have to shamelessly promote Jenna Bush's book tour EVERY DAY? Good lord, who cares? Yet, there she is, day in and day out in the Post's Style section, revealing such tidbits as that she is afraid of the ghosts in the "kids" bedroom at the White House.

Do us a favor, WaPo--give us a Jenna break!

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