Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Electric Grid Overseer Calls For More Transmission Lines--Needs To Read Curmudgeon's Solution

The North American Electric Reliability Corp. has been chartered by Congress to enforce reliability of the nation's electric grid. NERC released its annual assessment yesterday, warning that the mid-Atlantic region is not keeping up with forecast demand. (See Electricity Overseer Says Grid Must Grow)

NERC's solution: more transmission lines and more massive generating plants to meet that demand.

We suggest NERC take a look at the Curmudgeon's solution: A Better Way To Satisfy Demand Without Expensive, Unsightly Transmission Lines. In a nutshell: take all that money designated for new transmission lines (over $1 billion in the mid-Atlantic region) and invest it into solar energy in partnership with businesses and individuals, generating roughly $3 billion in new solar investment to offset peak summer electric demand and eliminate the need for new transmission lines.

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