Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Curmudgeon Follow-ups: Spanish Plunder, Armenian Genocide Bill, Larry Craig

A couple follow-ups on prior Curmudgeon posts:

1. Spanish Plunder

A couple months ago, we reported on a spat between the Spanish government and an American salvage company over the reported discovery of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold coins and other booty from a sunken Spanish treasure ship. (See Spanish Plunder Anew?) Our point: why should Spain get its hands on treasure it stole in the first place?

The latest: A Spanish warship forcibly escorted the salvage company's ship, Odyssey Explorer, to a Spanish port where the Explorer's captain was arrested and the salvage vessel searched. (See Spain Searches Ship of U.S. Treasure Firm). Spain's view, we guess, is that what they stole fair and square should still be theirs.

2. Armenian Bill

Recently, we Curmudgeon'd against Congress for pushing forward on a resolution to declare Turkey responsible for Armenian genocide. (See Bad Armenian Resolution) It appears that the Curmudgeon's logic and reasoning has gotten to a number of members of Congress, as quite a few sponsors of the Armenian resolution have withdrawn their support. (See Support Wanes For Armenian Genocide Bill)

Unfortunately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has a lot of Armenians in her district, is still pushing this bad piece of political theater. So is Sen. Hillary Clinton, who really ought to know better.

Here's a good column--Armenians Need Help Today--noting that Armenian-Americans could do some real good if they'd expend their energies getting modern Armenia to try a little democracy for its citizen. Heck, maybe they could even become as democratic as Turkey!

3. Larry Craig

Yesterday Craig appeared on The Today Show to be interviewed by Matt Lauer. What a waste of electrons. Even Craig's chief of staff probably would've asked tougher questions than Lauer. For details, see NBC's Matt Lauer, Making The Least of an Opportunity.

Craig is appealing the court's denial of his effort to plead unguilty, which guarantees that he will spend some more time in the ol' spotlight.

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