Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, Hanna Steal Show From GOP

So where are all those right wing evangelicals who think everything is a sign from God? What do they make of not one, but two, hurricanes bearing down on the U.S. as the GOP begins its quadrennial convention?

This is, of course, a nightmare for John McCain and the former mayor of Wasila, Alaska. Not only does it look bad for the Republicans to be celebrating in Minneapolis while a massive hurricane once again devastates the Gulf Coast, but the news cycle for the convention will be entirely disrupted.

Indeed, it is possible that McCain's planned speech on Thursday will be overshadowed by a combination of images of destruction from Gustav (the remnants of which are expected to still be hanging around dropping heavy rain on the Louisiana by late in the week) and the approach of Hanna to the southeastern coastline.

On the other hand, maybe it will give McCain something to talk about.

Not to mention Sarah Palin--maybe she can relate her experiences with nuisance caribou in Wasila, and her terrific work making sure that Alaska state police authorities are responsive to her family, to the crisis on the Gulf Coast.

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Favorite Uncle D said...

Note there are two l's in Wasilla, AK. Wasilla, not Wasila.

At least the former mayor should get proper spelling, Mr. Quayle-mudgeon.