Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will Hillary's Supporters Bring Us Four More Years of Misguided GOP Rule?

Some polling data suggests that as many as half of Hillary Clinton's supporters in the primaries are still sufficiently disaffected as to say either they won't vote for Obama in November, or worse yet, they'll vote for McCain.

(In contrast, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter haven't yet followed through on their promises to campaign for McCain's opponent. Of course, that's no surprise because both of them are pathological liars.)

There's no question that some of Hillary's supporters remain quite bitter. Anecdotally, the problem appears greatest with middle-aged and older white women in the Democratic Party.

We still think most of them will come around, and the upcoming Democratic convention is an opportunity to reach out to many of them.

But honestly, are these disaffected Hillary supporters going to do for the country what Ralph Nader's Florida supporters did in 2000, and give us another disastrous Republican administration? Talk about cutting off one's nose to spite her face!

Someday--and not that far off--we will have a woman President. Let's just hope we've still got a country worth governing. Electing an old Republican who will continue the vast majority of W. Bush's misguided policies is not a good way to work off the disappointment over Hillary's campaign.

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