Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Delivers; Warner Disappoints

At first, last night, we thought it a shame that NBC would deem it more important to air it's summer reality trash series "America's Got Talent" rather than the Democratic keynote address by Mark Warner. (The other networks also opted out of the keynote speech, although you could catch it on the cable news channels.)

After seeing Mark Warner's speech, however, we were just as glad it wasn't on primetime TV. We like Warner, and he'll make a terrific Senator. But it was a disappointing speech.

We wondered whether it was different at the convention, but alas, no. Our Denver correspondent reported: "Warner, unfortunately, disappointed. He looked great and had a good message, but delivered it less well than he is capable of doing. He lost folks in the hall midway through with his fairly slow and stolid cadence."

We didn't catch much of another speech, given by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, but what we saw we liked (by this time, we were watching NBC primetime coverage, which appears to be all about NBC--more on that in a separate post.)

Again, our Denver correspondent agreed: "Contrast [Warner] with Brian Schweitzer, who was a little cornpone but really got the crowd going - and I suspect looked okay on TV as well." Hey, a bit of cornpone is fine--especially after folks have been watching "America's Got Talent" and its ilk.

Anyway, the big moment--the critical speech--was Hillary's, and she did a brilliant job. As our man in Denver put it: "The universal buzz as we left the hall was how terrifically Hillary hit all the right notes in her speech. It went a huge way toward driving the nail in the 'angry Hillary voter' coffin."
She really couldn't have done any better. The mainstream media, of course, is still running around digging up sourpuss Hillary supporters because, after all, they need a story.

But Hillary's supporters need to listen to her most important point: she didn't spend all that time, money and effort running for President just so we could end up with four more years of Republican rule out of spite.

Note to disaffected Hillary supporters: grow up and get over it.

See our other post on the media's convention coverage.

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