Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain Is In The House(s)

Whoops! John "Maverick" McCain forgot how many homes he owns. While McCain's allies have been busily painting Barack Obama as an "elitist," they forgot that their own man is married to a wealthy beer heiress and owns SEVEN (maybe eight--who can keep track!) homes around the country. (One of his condos is in the building at right, here.)

Wake up Americans. The same people who made you think that draft-dodging, 9/11 hiding, drug-taking incompetent wuss "W" Bush was some kind of patriotic superman are now trying to make you think that John McCain is an "everyman" who'll feel you're economic pain, while the black guy is some kind of elitist.

For you moral crusaders out there, let's review: when McCain returned home from imprisonment in Vietnam, he found that his wife had been in a horrific car accident. In 1980, he dumped wife number one and promptly married a wealthy 25-year-old socialite, Cindy Hensley. McCain no doubt had an adulterous affair with Cindy before divorcing his first wife.

So now McCain is a wealthy man, able to afford seven homes.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has had only one wife. He has a nice family. He goes to church. He may have had a pastor who turns out to be a nutjob, but that doesn't mean Obama's not a moral man.

What the heck--let's just take the gloves off and make this as ugly a contest as can be. It's what the Republican attack machine wants, anyway.

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