Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Delivers!!!

Obama did it!

He delivered a big speech, flawlessly, in front of a huge audience, in a stadium filled with the perfect imagery.

The fact the the press was carping and wondering all week if he could pull it off only made it better. (CNN still managed to have as its "fact" as Obama took the stage a statement about Geraldine Ferraro being the only woman on a major party ticket; perhaps when McCain takes the stage they'll have as their "fact" that the GOP has never nominated anyone who wasn't a white man, and indeed hasn't even had anyone else come close.)

Our hats are off the Barack: he'll get a big bounce out of this one. McCain's plan to unveil his veep tomorrow may even backfire.

Next week, the Democrats get to play the little game the Republicans have been playing this week of trying to make news during the other guy's convention. We'll bet Obama will do a pretty good job playing that game.

McCain will have his day, but we hope the media will contrast his nearly all-white, largely male audience of 10,000 or so to Obama's true big tent outdoor speech in front of 75,000.

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