Sunday, May 04, 2008

More On Obama's Lead In NC Early Voting

A couple of blogs have some good updated numbers on the massive "early vote" in North Carolina. CCPS Blog crunches the data and concludes that Obama is doing quite well in the early voting, with 40% of those voters being African-Americans. The question, of course, is whether those numbers will hold up on election day. We predict black turnout will be a bit smaller on Tuesday, but when combined with the early vote will be high by historic standards.

For a similar analysis, see dean4ever's post.

One question we have--for more analysis on another day--is whether the early voting phenomenon couldn't help Democrats in the general election, by giving them many days to run get out the vote drives, ferrying their people--especially African-Americans and senior citizens--to the polls over a period of a couple weeks.

We hope the Curmudgeon's NC kin are doing their part to add to the vote totals there.

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