Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Bad News In The Senate For Republicans

Republicans are looking at a potentially awful election year in the Senate. They're playing defense everywhere, and polls show that there best shot at a pick-up--Sen. Mary Landrieu's Louisiana seat--isn't much of a chance.

Now, it looks like North Carolina could be yet another battle for the GOP. In a hard-fought battle, state Senator Kay Hagan won the Democratic nomination to face off against GOP incumbent Elizabeth Dole in November.

With the nomination in hand, a Rasmussen poll shows Hagan dead even with Dole, leading 48%-47%. Not that long ago, Dole's lead was 12% over any Democratic challenger. The poll confirms suggestions that Dole's support is soft and that the first term Senator, who's been a disappointment for her lack of impact in Washington, is vulnerable.

If African-Americans in NC turn out in November for Obama like they did this week, and Republicans, luke-warm at best to McCain, stay home, Dole will definitely be in trouble. Another fun race to keep an eye on!

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