Sunday, May 11, 2008

Did McCain Vote For Bush, Or Did He Lie About Not Voting For Bush?

A little mini-scandal threatens to tarnish John McCain's character as the race starts to define itself into a contest between the "Straight Talker" and Sen. Barack Obama.

Recently, Arianna Huffington reported on her blog, Huffington Post, that John McCain told her and others that he didn't vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 election. McCain's statement allegedly was made at a private dinner party in Los Angeles shortly after Bush became President.

According to Huffington, both McCain and his wife, Cindy, told her they had not voted for the President (Cindy McCain wrote in her husband's name).

Back then, Huffington was a conservative; now she's a liberal. For whatever reasons, she chose now to report the story.

Naturally, McCain denies it. He says Huffington is just out to get him.

That denial could come back to haunt him, however.

Now, with McCain's denial formally in place, OTHER persons who attended the dinner party are coming forward to confirm Huffington's version of the story. According the New York Times, two other partygoers (the party was at the home of actress Candace Bergen)--"West Wing" actors Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff--have confirmed Huffington's story.

They say McCain railed about Bush's lack of competency (how true!!) and then someone asked him why, if Bush was so unqualified, had he voted for the man. McCain responded by putting a finger to his mouth and whispering "I didn't."

So, did McCain vote for Bush in 2000 and then lie about it at a party a few weeks later, or was he (of the legendary temper) so pissed at Bush that he didn't even vote for his own party's nominee, and NOW is lying about it?

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